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Welcome to our friend shops.

If you have a shop with a good location and you are a creative and entrepreneur person, you are a friend shop of By Imelda.

If you want to be a friend shop you can contact us sending the folowing form.

We will contact you shortly.

Advantages of being a Friend Shop:

  • We provide you the product so that the customer can pick them up at your shop and therefore, you will be able to offer them a customized attention. It will not imply an additional cost for you and those who are not yet your customers will start to be so from that moment on.
  • We help you to sell what you have bought and we give an incentive to such sales…making your shop known. If you want, we can send you and your customer the model to your shop if you don’t have it there…so that she can pick it up there and if you already have it, we help you to sell it.

Our Friend Shops:

  • Complementos 28 - Salamanca
  • Artesanía Julio García - Salamanca

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